JINGLE WRITERS - How does Jinglesmart work for Jingle Talents?

Jinglesmart is essentially the marketplace for the music industry. It is designed to help Jingle Writers, Professional Musicians and Talents to promote their services online, get in touch with potential clients and find jobs related to their services.
These Jingle Talents and Musicians can create their profile, a FREE website within Jinglesmart, where they can mention all of their professional information (demos, studies, background, etc). Learn about website within Jingtlesmart. 
Through this profile, potential clients can either find them on the site or contact them directly for a particular project. These potential clients can also post projects on the site with specific requirements. Learn about Individual and Open Auditions.
Such requirements will filter which Jingle Talents that would receive such project call, and those able to respond (Learn about different memberships) can send their proposal; Then the client will select among those who sent their auditions.