JINGLE WRITERS - What is the individual profile or website within Jinglesmart?

Once you register, you will be asked to complete your professional profile. This is basically your contact information (which will not be revealed and it is not allowed on your public profile, only you can disclose it directly to clients) and it also contains any detail of your music background you want to present. Learn about different memberships.

You can add demos to your profile; the amount of demos allowed depends on your membership. You can add a picture or logo (highly recommended), a description of your services, your skills as a Musician or Jingle Talent, etc.
At one point you will be asked to write a "Nickname".

This is very important. The "Nickname" you select will be part of your own web address within Jinglesmart. You can send this address to anyone so they can visit your profile, listen to your demos, see your picture, read about your background and contact you if interested. It is basically a free website that Jinglesmart is giving you.

The web address will be www.jinglesmart.com/nickname (the nickname you select).

We can give you some tips about making your profile Search Engine friendly; if you want more information about this please contact us at talentservices@jinglesmart.com and we will assist you the best possible way.