JINGLE WRITERS - How can Jingle Writers make sure they will not be deceived?

When working or doing business online there can be a sense of uncertainty about who it is that you are doing business with. This is perfectly normal.

But there are ways to protect your work and learn about the person contacting you for your services.

It is important to always ask for references, preferably of people or businesses the other party has dealt with in the past. And take the time to check those references.

Protect your music files. If you are sending audition recordings, use watermarks, low quality formats or simply send a small part of what you want them to hear. Just let them know you did it and that this is standard procedure.

Also ask for a down payment, a percentage of the agreed final amount, keep in mind that the other party may have the same doubts you have and that they may be requesting similar information from you. Just have such information ready and be open to make it work with them.

If there is ever any doubt, or any issues regarding any potential client, please contact us at talentservices@jinglesmart.com so we can assist you as soon as possible.